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CFD studies

CFD studies

For computer fluid dynamic (CFD) studies, VG Industrie is using the engineering team of Kirloskar Brothers (KBL) with as many as 100 engineers experienced in pump basin lay-out design. While performing year over year about 80 sump designs, as new and as existing optimization studies, the high experience in this field can be used to overcome difficult pump arrangements and intake flows.

  • optimize flow
  • layout design for new projects
  • optimize layout for extensions in existing basings
  • silt deposits
  • cavitation
  • vortex and air entrainment

Often silt deposits are causing trouble and force operators to shut down plant operation in order to have the sand banks removed in their pump basin. This is a very expensive and tiem consuming method. Our engineers can optimize the the turbulent flow in those areas and therefore eliminate the sand deposit.

In numerous projects existing basins have been optimized in order to avoid cavitation – and therefore vibration – of the existing pumps. This is often due to inflow conditions resulting in starvation of the pump. This can be reviewed and most of the time we succeed in making changes in the flow pattern to allow trouble free operations.

Likewise these existing basins have been adopted to allow the installation of additional pumps without jeopardizing the functionality of those who already exist.

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The company VG Industrie Fluid Technology and Engineering GmbH was found by experienced professionals working in the centrifugal pump industry with the major EPC’s and Engineering companies over many years.