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September 2016

VG Industrie is a champion in cooler bundle replacement.

replacement bundle dimension taking

With our highly experienced team we are re-engineering existing cooler bundles (mechanically and thermodynamically), even if no manufacturing drawing is available. Our replacements are precisely made to fit the existing dimensions, flow pattern and differential pressure condition. By doing so we always strive for improvement of approach temperature along with reduction of required cooling water. In summery we will optimize the replacement to ensure high functionality, reliability and efficiency for any model.

PED, AD2000, ASME, GOST, U/U2-Stamp, DOSH, etc., nearly all materials.

All this we do at a guaranteed competitive price level.


December 2015

VG Industrie supplies CO gas coolers project in Malaysia

VG Industrie and Radiant Heat Exchanger receive the order for delivery of CO gas coolers for a project in Malaysia, incl. DOSH certification.The project with very high specification of the Malaysian Oil & Gas Company, of the Spanish general contractor and of the French EPC for the specific part of the plant have been fulfilled and delivered with highest priority. For this we have been working very closely with the German compressor OEM. The amounts of testing and inspections have been passed without any issue. The coolers have been fabricated and delivered in shortest lead-time.

Rapid pic 1 small



November 2015

VG Industrie wins API project in Russia

VG Industrie and Kirloskar Ebara have been selected as vendor for a larger quantity of API pumps for an Ethylene Cracker project in Tobolsk Russia. The pumps of type VS1 And VS4 will be single and multiple stage API 610 pumps.




August 2015

VG Industrie supplies gas coolers for a project in India to German OEM

Radiant Heat Exchanger and VG Industrie have been selected for supply of finned gas coolers for a project in India by a German compressor manufacturer in Berlin. The project is the first cooperation of its kind with this OEM and establishes a base for further future business.



May 2015

VG Industrie is supplying gas coolers for a project in Vietnam

Together with our Indian Partner Radiant Heat Exchanger Ltd VG Industrie is supplying gas coolers for an air separation plant project in Vietnam for a well-known global compressor manufacturer in Cologne/Germany. The German final customer and EPC is building the plant for their own use and is emphasizing on long-term high quality and low cost of ownership. Radiant and VG Industrie were able to stand up technically and commercially to our international and local German competition. The supply and commissioning of theses nitrogen coolers was handled to full satisfaction of all participants.

Haiphong Photographs 1a


June 2014

Firefighting Pumps for project in Russia

VG Industrie and SPP Pump UK succeeded in winning a firefighting package according to NFPA20 + UL/FM listed product for a new plant in Russia. The project will be executed with electrical motor driven pump units including all electrical controllers and and emergency start-up. It is one of the first fire fighting projects won in EPC business directly in Germany by SPP and VG Industrie establishing a mile stone success.

firefighting-diesel 3     firefighting-electric 
example of a firefighting Diesel Set NFPA 20 UL/FM listed    example of a firefighting electrical motor driven
(not included in project scope)   NFPA 20 UL/FM listed, similar to those for Russia


NFPA – National Fire Protection Association

UL/FM – Underwriters Laborator/Factory Mutual

Those standards are guaranteeing the functionality in emergency case.


Jan 2014

Large Cooling Water Pumps for Baytown/Texas

Kirloskar BHR Pump (vertical turbine pump - vertikale Turbinen Pumpe)

Already before Christmas 2013 VG Industrie was able to book an order for Kirloskar large cooling water pumps,3x vertical (27,000 m³/h) as well as 3x horizontal (19,000 m³/h) and 3MW drive each, for a project with large Oil & Gas company in Houston/Texas. One of the largest Oil & Gas EPC’s in Germany has given the order based on excellent technical support and references of the same pumps in international business.

The above picture shows a similar pump but for 45,000m³/h in the Kirloskar Brothers workshop in Kirloskarvadi.


Nov 2013

Vertical sea water pump – Turkey 


VG industry and Kirloskar Brothers Europe have been awarded to deliver, install and commission the pumps in the primary cooling water circuit for an extension of a fertilizer plant in Turkey. The vertical turbine pumps are manufactured for suitability in sea water completely in duplex material and will later be installed and put into operation in a time window of only 6 weeks. The long lists of references for this type of project with sea water pumps, as well as the excellent technical support during the project have made this success possible. We look forward to working with our customers to make this project successful. (Example image of pumps of similar size at Kirloskar factory – not in the duplex material)


Sept 2013

VG Industrie Fluid Technology & Engineering together with Kirloskar Brothers Europe will be delivering pumps and parts for a new fertilizer plant in the USA. Winning this project is a great example of continuous excellence in support, continuous improvement and focus on customer requirements.

VGI is a for industrial centrifugal pumps, with models ISO pumps acc. to ISO 5199, API 610, double suction and vertical turbine pumps, available in materials from Carbon Steel up to Super Duplex.

Your Success is our Mission.


Aug 2013

On July 1st VG Industrie did move to a larger office.
The office address is now:

VG Industrie
Fluid Technology & Engineering GmbH
Kronacher Strasse 41
96052 Bamberg
phone: +49 951 70092788+49 951 70092788

VG Industrie - Kirloskar Deutschland Pumps

VG Industrie is specialized on distributing and supplying high quality products for fluid technology, especially for centrifugal pumps and the related engineering services such as CFD studies. For pumping solutions an exclusive distribution agreement is signed with Kirloskar Europe for Germany.


Jul 2013


new webpage

VG Industrie launches new webpage

After cyber-attack VG Industrie launches a new webpage and comes back with a new design concept. The attack on VG Industrie has caused fatal errors and made a new webpage necessary. We welcome you to visit the webpage and are looking forward to getting your inquiries for Double Suction water pumps, API pumps or Super Duplex Heat Exchangers.


Apr 2013

VG Industrie and Kirloskar Brothers succeeded in winning the contract for supply of pumps from a large German EPC for a shale gas project in the USA. This success continues the ongoing effort to establish KBL as a trusted brand in the German EPC community.

Doppel Flutige Pumpe double volute pump Axial Split


Apr 2013

VG Industrie and Kirloskar Brothers are succeeding in getting the order for a new steel plant in Asia. It is the first project of its kind within Germany after being very successful with Italian EPC.


Apr 2013

VG Industrie and Kirloskar Ebara Pumps Ltd. receives large order for API 610 pumps with final destination in Russia. After extensive work with excelent technical support from Kirloskar Ebara Pumps Limited the success reflects a mile stone for the business with German contractors.


Apr 2013 

VG Industrie receives order for double suction pump for municipal water supply in southern Germany, building up an additional reference for Kirloskar Brothers Product in Germany.


March 2013

Radiant Heat Exchanger Ltd.

VG Industrie starts business on heat exchangers in cooperating with Radiant Heat Exchangers Ltd. from India.
After visiting their facilities, we are confident to be able to harvest some projects for this product. Product range includes, oil coolers, after and inter coolers, evaporators, heat exchangers for sea water applications, etc.

bersicht Bild Radiant 2


In March 2013 VG Industrie and Radiant Heat Exchangers Ltd agreeing on joint efforts in sales on European Heat Exchanger market for EPC business. Radiant Heat Exchangers is one of the premium suppliers for heat exchanger equipment with already a long list of first class references. Their ability to meet nearly every required industrial standard with a wide range of QA possibilities will make them a valuable and competitive supplier on the European market.


Feb 2013

VG Industrie is partnered with 000Fluid Business Group for sales and service of Kirloskar Brothers pumps in Russia.



Jan 2013

Just before year end 2012, a new double suction pump type SCT 350/44 (brochure on has successfully being installed at a German steel manufacturer in Bochum. The pumps were especially modified to fit into the existing gap to replace an old KSB pump. Pump is now running calm and smoothly.







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