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Engineering Service and Consulting

VG Industrie is more than just a supplier of pumps and hardware.

As consulting company for the calculation of pumps, preparation of inquiry datasheets as well as for concept development, we are offering our long term experience which was gained with the largest EPC's in Germany over many years. We are glad to offer our know how to serve you. 

As engineering team, we can offer service around calculation of pump-motor systems, driven by Diesel- or electrical motor, readily piped booster sets, as well as skid based pumping system based on customer requirements. Also we can develop individual emergency cooling systems, Diesel systems for agricultural irrigation incl. cell phone remote access as well as stand-alone solutions for dewatering with automatic start and stop.


VGI Engineering diesel driven pump set

With our industrial experience, together with our strong long term and strategical partners and relationship we are ready to deliver tailor made solutions for pump skids, booster stations or emergence cooling stations as stand-alone units with diesel drive.

We are looking forward to receive your inquiry. 

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    VG Industrie is a champion in cooler bundle replacement.

     replacement bundle dimension taking

    With our highly experienced team we are re-engineering existing cooler bundles (mechanically and thermodynamically), even if no manufacturing drawing ...


    All this we do at a guaranteed competitive price level.


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    VG Industrie deliver CO Gas cooler for project in Malaysia

    VG Industrie and Radiant Heat Exchanger receive the order for delivery of CO gas coolers for a project in Malaysia, incl. DOSH certification.The project with very high specification of the Malaysian Oil & Gas ...

    Rapid pic 1 small

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